About the company.

Our Mission

Enable the continuous operations of small drones through software powered infrastructure.

Cowden Technologies is developing robotic infrastructure to enable an ecosystem of autonomous drone-based systems that can continuously interact with its environment without human supervision. The company is in development of a smart docking station for drones (U.S. Patent No. 11,440,679) to facilitate automated battery swapping / charging, uploading of high-density data, and restocking of payload by providing a computerized platform that automates a mechanically secure docking / undocking process. The company is positioning itself as a creator and supplier of autonomous infrastructure designed for automatically handling the logistical requirements of uncrewed systems in order to maximize system utilization

History Snapshot

  • May 2020

    The Gauntlet - 3rd Place Award

  • July 2020

    CRCF Award

  • Fall 2021

    Joined Regional Accelerator & Mentoring Program (RAMP)

  • September 2022

    U.S. Patent Approved

  • May 2023

    Inducted into The Gauntlet Hall of Fame

  • September 2023

    Joined NVIDIA Inception Program

Meet our team.


Mickey Cowden
President, Founder